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We Are Sanetize

We maintain high standards while sanitizing and all our technicians are screened for any health issues and are completely covered in PPE kits. We do not leave any scope of error in our line of work.

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We Are Ecofriendly

ULV Cold Fogging

We provide services with uncompramised state of the art and most advanced Sanitizing technology.

  • Our ULV Ultra Low Volume Cold fogging machines are cold mist spraying machines that uses enormous volumes of air at low pressure, to convert the chemical from liquid state to tiny droplets.
  • ULV Machines are highly effictive for spraying against Virucides, Fungicides and Germicides.
  • The droplets once dispensed into air are airbourn for a longer time giving elongated protection.
  • The chemicals that we use with this machine are more concentrated and hence gives a precise protection yet very safe.